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1. What is the profile of a CRCI consultant?
The average experience of a CRCI consultant is 9 years. Consultants specialize in multiple therapeutic areas. Most consultants have both monitoring and project management experience and are strategically regionally based across the U.S.

2. Where are CRCI consultants located?
project management projects based on their area of location and therapeutic experience required for the project.

3. Does CRCI have a Quality Assurance Program?
CRCI offers a proprietary “Monitor the Monitor” program where project managers monitor previous monitored research by CRCI consultants. This assures quality control and adherence to both CRCI and sponsor standard operating procedures.

4. Can a pharmaceutical and/or biotechnology organization contract just one consultant for monitoring and/or project management services?
Yes, CRCI can offer their services through one or many consultants required for the specific project.

5. Are CRCI consultants available full time or part time?
CRCI consultants are available both full and part time depending on the needs of the particular project.

6. What are your monitoring and project management rates?
Rates are competitive and based on the service provided, the complexity of the research project and the experienceof the CRCI consultant assigned to the project. Consultants are regionally based which cuts overhead management costs which are normally required for full time internal monitors and
project managers.

7. Can CRCI’s training and education programs guarantee placement in the clinical research industry?
While CRCI cannot guarantee industry placement, training and education are highly valued in the industry. Individuals who have prior experience and training have a better chance of securing jobs within the industry than those that do not.

8. If I am interested in other services, such as auditing, can CRCI provide these services?
CRCI offers other services such as auditing, Case Report Form design and medical monitoring.
Please contact us via telephone or online for more specific information about these services.

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